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EBFA Notice (11-Mar-19)The Football Association Sin Bin System Starts 2019/20

Football Association Brief Overview of the Sin Bins System.
  • FA - FA commissioned Sin Bins in 2016/2017, Piloted it in 2017/2018 and will make it compulsory in 2019-2020 for all leagues Step 7 below
  • FA - The sin bin only impacts caution for DISSENT only [C2]
  • FA - Why Dissent?
    • Support the RESPECT programme
    • 73.5k cautions for Dissent in 2016/17 alone
    • This equates to 25% of all cautions branded
    • Aim to decrease Dissent and improve match experience
  • FA - No £10 County FA Admin Fee for C2(Sin Bin) as the sanction is the Sin Bin
  • FA believe that initial Pilot was successfully resulting in: 38% Reduction in Dissent across all Leagues; 25 showed a reduction whilst 6 showed slight increase
Berks and Bucks County FA will provide a 45 minute presentation to EBFA Clubs on Thursday 05-Sep-19 at the EBFA pre-season meeting at Garth College.

Advice on Sin Bin Scheme from Football Services Guide on Berks and Bucks County FA - PDF